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Six Issues to Pay Attention to When Inductors Selection

Category : Knowledge sharing     Date : 05/05/2023
What aspects should be considered when selecting inductors? When selecting an inductor, it is necessary to consider whether its performance parameters (inductance, rated current, quality factor, etc.) and external dimensions meet the requirements. When selecting, the following six items should be noted:

① The inductor quantity should be the same as the circuit requirements; Especially, the coil inductance value of the tuning circuit should be accurate. When the inductance is too large or too small, the number of coil turns can be reduced or increased to meet the requirements. For coils with adjustable magnetic cores, the magnetic core should be adjusted to the middle position during measurement and debugging. When there is a significant difference in inductance, a series or parallel connection method can be used to solve the problem.

② The higher the Q value, the better. If the inductance of two inductance coils is the same, the smaller scale value can be selected according to the definition of Q value (XL/R), or the larger wire diameter with the same value can be used.

③ The applied voltage and the current passing through cannot exceed its rated value.

④ For inductors with electrical strength requirements, it is necessary to choose a variety of packaging materials with high voltage resistance. Generally, inductors with good voltage resistance have good moisture-proof performance. Resin impregnation, encapsulation, and die-casting processes can meet this requirement.

⑤ The main considerations for inductor leads or pins are tension, torque, solder resistance, and solderability. When the component has been manufactured for more than six months, a new weldability test should be conducted to ensure the reliability of the welding.

⑥ For SMD inductors, the selection should refer to the designed pad size. If using inductors with pins, without clear regulations and sufficient installation positions, vertical and horizontal inductors with the same parameters can be interchanged.