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China's New Energy Vehicle Development Faces Serious Challenges
The bottom line standards for limiting Chinese semiconductor technology in the United States are constantly being raised. Currently, the United States has chosen a mature process of 28 nanometers as a new position to suppress the development of Chinese semiconductors.
Mingci Electronics designed the largest size R-bar Core
Design the largest size R-bar magnetic ring, which has a large volume and can use flat wire winding to cover the entire magnetic core body, suitable for high-power inductors.
How to Calculate The Initial Permeability of Soft Ferrite Core Materials
The alternating magnetic field magnetization of ferromagnetic material samples, at the same frequency, changes the magnitude (amplitude) of the alternating magnetic field, and different dynamic hysteresis loops and the vertex connections of the dynamic hysteresis loops can be obtained, which are called dynamic magnetization curves.
Wireless Charging Technology Popularizes in Daily Electronic Devices
In our understanding, mobile phone charging is inseparable from the power cord. So, why can a wireless charger disconnect from the power cord and directly charge the phone?
Mingci Electronics developed Multilayer Chip Bead Inductors
The stacked magnetic beads do not need to be wound, but are stacked using micrometer scale ferrite thin sheets, with printed conductor patterns and holes on each magnetic layer
Mingci Electronics has snap on cores inner hole 19MM
Mingci Electronic Clamping Magnetic Ring, Two Half Clamping Magnetic Ring, Used in Medical Devices, Automotive Industry, Vehicle Wiring, etc
Mingci Electronics SMD Power Inductor of Wurth Model Replacement
Recently, Mingci Electronics assisted customers in sending samples to replace the chip inductors manufactured by Germany's Wurth Electronics for surface mount use
Introduction to the Application of Mingci Electronics in the Production of Ni-Zn Material Ferrite Cores
The resistance of nickel zinc magnetic rings to high-frequency components in the circuit is approximately ten to several hundred
Development and Applications of Mingci Electronics Amorphous Nanocrystalline Series Inductors
With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the three main markets of high-frequency switching power supplies: communication, computers, and consumer electronics will also develop rapidly.