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What Issues Should be Noted When Using and Installing Choke Coils

Category : Knowledge sharing     Date : 06/05/2023
The installation board of electronic components in any electronic device is carefully arranged, comprehensively arranged, and reasonably designed by engineering and technical personnel based on the performance characteristics of various components used. As a coil user and installer, it is sufficient to pay attention to the following issues.
(1) The installation position of the coil should meet the design requirements
The assembly position of the coil and the relative position of other components should comply with the design regulations, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the entire machine. For example, in a simple semiconductor radio, the position of the high-frequency choke and magnetic antenna should be appropriately arranged and reasonable; The antenna coil and oscillation coil should be perpendicular to each other, which avoids the influence of mutual coupling.
(2) Before installation, the coil needs to undergo a visual inspection
Before use, the structure of the coil should be checked for firmness, looseness and detachment of the wire turns, looseness of the lead contacts, flexibility of the magnetic core rotation, and presence of sliding buckles. After passing all these inspections, proceed with installation.
(3) If the coil needs to be fine-tuned during use, the fine-tuning method should be considered
Some coils require fine-tuning during use, which is inconvenient to rely on changing the number of coils. Therefore, the selection should consider the method of fine-tuning. For example, a single-layer coil can be moved away from the end point of the coil by wrapping 3-4 turns around one end of the coil in advance. During fine-tuning, moving its position can change the inductance. Practice has proven that this adjustment method can achieve fine-tuning of inductance between ± 2% - ± 3%. The coil used in short wave and ultra short wave circuits often leaves half a turn as a fine adjustment, and moving or turning this half turn causes a change in inductance to achieve fine adjustment. The fine-tuning of multi-layer segmented coils can be achieved by moving the relative distance of one segment, and the number of rotations of movable segments should be 20% -30% of the total number of rotations. Practice has proven that this fine-tuning range can reach 10% -15%. A coil with a magnetic core can achieve fine adjustment of the coil inductance by adjusting the position of the magnetic core in the coil tube.
(4) When using a coil, attention should be paid to maintaining the inductance of the original coil
Do not arbitrarily change the shape of the coil during use. Size and the distance between coils, otherwise the original inductance of the coil will be affected. Especially for coils with higher frequencies, i.e. fewer turns. Therefore, the high-frequency coils currently used in televisions are generally sealed and fixed with high-frequency wax or other dielectric materials. In addition, it should be noted that during maintenance, the position of the original coil should not be arbitrarily changed or adjusted to avoid causing a detuning fault.
(5) The installation of adjustable coils should be easy to adjust
The adjustable coil should be installed in an easily adjustable position on the machine to adjust the inductance of the coil to achieve the optimal working state.