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MnZn Material Commen Mode Choke
Applied to various electronic components such as toroidal choke coils, common mode choke, power supplies. It has a high initial permeability, normally used in the frequency range of 1 kHz to 10 MHz, used on winding core Inductor, transformers, antenna pole, and filters etc.
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Product Description

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product Series T TYPE  (Toroidal Cores)



· High permeability, wide frequency, and well temperature characteristics, thermostable impact, high stability.

· High Q value, high impedance, high saturation magnetic flux density, and low-loss.

· Coating grass green or deep green epoxy insulation on the surface normally.

· OEM/ODM orders are accepted.



Common mode chock, high frequency power supply, switching power transformer, filter inductor, medical equipment, color TV etc.

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