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Leaded Ferrite Bead Cores
BS/BD tape mounted bead cores is suitable for SMT automatic equipment installation on the motherboard, which can suppress necessary signal feedback and parasitic oscillations.
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Product Description

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product Series BS/BD/BR TYPE  (Leaded Ferrite Bead Core)



· According to the shape can be divided into axial and radial two types.

· It is divided into one bead and two beads according to the quantity.

· It is divided into one ID and two ID according to the number of inner diameter.

· For reduction of high-frequency noise.

· Low cost noise filter.

· Axial and radial taped types are available for automatic insertion machines.

· Absorbs UHF signals.



Magnetic beads are energy conversion devices, mostly used in the EMI aspect of signal circuits

Digital equipment such as PCs, word processors, printers, HDD, PPC, and communication equipment, digital audio and video equipment, AC adapters, and switching power supplies, electronic musical instruments etc.

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