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Drum Cores
Suitable for use in DC-DC rectifiers or as lower inductors and filters application.
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Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product SeriesDR /DRnW /DR2W SRD TYPE Drum Cores



· Divided into magnetic cores without guide pins (DR) and series with guide pins (DRWW~DR4W), the series with guide pins is easy to hang wires and is widely used in plug-in I-shaped inductors, plug-in shielding inductors, and plug-in installation is convenient.

· After winding the magnetic core, it has good current resistance, high Q value, and stable inductance at high frequencies.

· Due to its excellent stability and ability to resist decay for a long time, it is widely used in some complex circuits or large circuits.

· DR3W and DR4W series, capable of winding two windings.



Applied to DC-DC rectifiers or as low order inductance filters

Color code inductance, peaking coil, winding inductance, plug-in inductance, linear inductance

Widely used in circuit voltage regulation, buzzers, alarms, and security equipment

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