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Half cutting ferrite core
No.: RC Type
Suppresses electromagnetic interference from general circular signal lines, eazy installation convenient for EMI countermeasure applications.
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Product Description

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product Series RC TYPE  (Half cutting ferrite core)



· The internal magnetic core has a minimum radius of 2.5cm and a maximum radius of 15cm, with a smooth surface to prevent scratching of the insulation wire.

· Prevent EMI interference on the line and have the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses.

· The product is inexpensive, suitable for injection molding machine, provide secure mounting of the ferrite to the cable.

· Divided into circular shell and square shell.

· Operating temperature and relative humidity : -25°C~85°C /95% upper limit

· Storage temperature and relative humidity : C~50°C /95% upper limit



Used for power lines, signal lines, internal and external main power line filters, PC boards, and data connectors

Internal and external power cables, computer peripherals, digital cameras, DVDs, printers, fax machine cables, monitor cables, protrusion on the adapter cable

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